5 tips to Get Your Favourite Restaurant Food

Restaurant food dishes are very delightful as they are prepared by good chefs. Their chefs are cooking experts. They know the ingredient’s proportionality of every dish they wish to cook. Indeed, you can also make the same delicious food at home that your favourite restaurant makes.

Many food lovers wish or think that they could make very delightful food at home. They usually purchase from their favourite or renowned cafes. There are ways you can get exactly the same thing to eat at home. Also, you can save money too. 

That same delicious feast can be replicated by attempting a couple of these ideas


It’s good if you request a copy of the recipe for your favourite dish from a waiter. You can search for it on the restaurant website. Then you can purchase the recipe from the cafe website. Some things aren’t generally so complicated as we first suspect they are. The deliciousness of food might depend on the ingredients that add to it. Also depends on the specific temperature it is being cooked at. Simply asking the recipe to a waiter, chef, or through the website can sometimes be fruitful. A few culinary experts are praised to have individuals request their recipes. 


One more method for getting the very delicious food that you eat at different cafes is to figure it out. Actually, you need to do reverse engineering of it. If you can able to take the food to your home, you can make a guess what is in it. Certain individuals are great at sorting out ingredients just by tasting the food. Then it’s easy to figure out how to cook it if you have that talent. Also, if you know someone who can do it, you can approach them. However, you can get hints from your waitress by asking what is in this as somebody in your family has a food allergy. 

The menu may give you the most part of the ingredients when you are ordering the food. Write down what you read on the menu. Also, note what the waiter says about the food. Recording all that you look into, is a smart idea. Snapping a picture of it when you get served is also a smart thought. We often fail to remember some of the fundamental ingredients. Sometimes we don’t remember the appearance of it before we try to make it at home.

Suppose if you continuously visit a restaurant in a row to eat your favourite dish. You will get to know the waitress. Also, you can praise them that you love this recipe. So they might be inclined to assist you with sorting out what is in it. 


In some cases, you can’t get the recipe easily. You might need to ask other clients or your companions and family members. Maybe they have tasted it and know the preparation steps of it. Complimenting the waitress or the chef by letting them know how great the food is. This trick will surely get you some of the ideas on how to make it. 


There are few chefs who have cooking classes. The chef will charge for the class. He/She will cook dinner and everybody will get the opportunity to taste. You could also give the chef your ideas about ingredients to add. Also, sharing ideas about using other foodstuffs that you would need him/her to cook. Indeed, you should take notes on that spot itself. Because it’s hard to remember the significant number of the key tips. Also, the tips are not written or published anywhere.


A few restaurants sell their specialities in supermarkets like Mo’s clam chowder – Ivar’s clam chowder – Marie Callender’s pies. Keep your eyes open for this food.